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Perfectly cooked noodles
Perfectly cooked noodles
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From Wok to Bowl,
From Wok to Bowl,
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Indulge in Nature's Best
Indulge in Nature's Best
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We are the UK’s leading developers of Asian food, offering a diverse selection that spans Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. We provide a range of tasty possibilities with our top-quality ingredients that make and enhance your dishes. At Tiger Tiger Foods, we guarantee unmatched quality, irresistible taste, and competitive pricing. Our commitment is to bring authentic flavours to our valued customers, ensuring an unparalleled culinary experience.

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Who we are?

Tiger Tiger Foods has been developing Asian foods and supplying Asian food services, supermarkets and direct customers since 1985.

How we work?

At Tiger Tiger Foods, our mission is to bring the authentic flavours and culinary traditions of Asia to tables around the United Kingdom

How we develop?

We take pride in offering a range of Asian foods that not only capture the essence of Asian cuisine but also reflect our dedication to quality, authenticity, and innovation.

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Tiger Tiger Foods stands as a steadfast assurance of top-tier quality for both its ingredients and culinary offerings


At Tiger Tiger Foods, we take pride in offering not only exceptional quality but also competitive prices


Tiger Tiger Foods helps create delectable dishes with carefully selected ingredients to bring you asian taste.