About Us


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Who we are

Tiger Tiger UK has been developing Asian foods and supplying Asian food services, supermarkets and direct customers since 1985. Its parent company, JK FOODS UK, with an experience of nearly five decades, is widely recognised in the market for its authentic products. Founded by Mark Johal, who recognised the demand for high-quality, authentic Asian flavours, he sought out the very best tasting, quality Asian foods from the Far East. He refined their quality and taste and introduced them to the UK, Europe, and the Americas. Tiger Tiger UK is dedicated to delivering taste and quality to customers at competitive prices.


At Tiger Tiger UK, we redefine value without compromising on the flavours that make every bite memorable

We are the UK’s leading developers of Asian food, offering a diverse selection that spans Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. We provide a range of tasty possibilities with our top-quality ingredients that make and enhance your dishes. At Tiger Tiger UK, we guarantee unmatched quality, irresistible taste, and competitive pricing. Our commitment is to bring authentic flavours to our valued customers, ensuring an unparalleled culinary experience.

UK's leading developers of Asian Food

We are the UK’s leading developers of Asian food, offering a diverse selection that spans Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisines. We provide a range of tasty possibilities with our top-quality ingredients that make and enhance your dishes.

~ About us ~

How We Develop

At Tiger Tiger UK, our approach to developing our range of Asian foods is deeply rooted in our passion for authenticity, quality, and culinary excellence. We understand that Asian cuisine is as diverse as it is flavourful, and we take great care to honour the rich traditions and regional nuances that make each dish unique.

Our development process begins with a deep dive into the culinary heritage of Asia, where we draw inspiration from centuries-old recipes and cooking techniques. We work closely with chefs and food experts who specialise in Asian cuisine, seeking their insights and expertise to ensure that every product we create stays true to its origins.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We meticulously source the finest ingredients, including aromatic spices, premium frozen food, and fresh produce, to create authentic flavours and textures. We also prioritise sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Why Choose Tiger Tiger UK Products


High Quality

Tiger Tiger UK stands as a steadfast assurance of top-tier quality for both its ingredients and culinary offerings. We take pride in ensuring the authentic taste of pan-Asian cuisine, meticulously developed and sourced from the Far East. Our commitment extends across borders, bringing genuine and premium products to discerning palates in the UK, Europe, and the Americas. Embrace the essence of true pan-Asian flavours with Tiger Tiger UK, where quality meets authenticity on a global culinary journey.


Competitive Prices

At Tiger Tiger UK, we take pride in offering not only exceptional quality but also competitive prices. By strategically sourcing, developing, and efficiently managing our supply chain, we aim to make authentic pan-Asian culinary experiences accessible to a wider audience. Ensuring that Tiger Tiger UK is a winning combination of premium quality and competitive pricing, making your culinary journey both delightful and cost-effective.


Mesmerising Taste

Tiger Tiger UK helps create delectable dishes with carefully selected ingredients to bring you the authentic taste of Asia, no matter where you are. From our irresistibly flavourful sauces, pastes, and curries to our tempting range of frozen foods, main products and all the essential ingredients, each item is designed to make every bite an irresistible journey into the heart of Asian cuisine.

How we work

At Tiger Tiger UK, our mission is to bring the authentic flavours and culinary traditions of Asia to tables around the United Kingdom. We are dedicated to sourcing and developing the highest quality Asian food products, ensuring that every bite transports our customers to the vibrant streets and bustling markets of Asia. Here’s how we work:

Cultural Expertise

Our team of food enthusiasts and cultural experts are deeply passionate about Asian cuisine. We immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of Asian culinary traditions, exploring diverse flavours, ingredients, and cooking techniques to uncover hidden gems and culinary innovations.

Global Sourcing

We scour the markets of Asia to source the finest ingredients and products from trusted suppliers and producers. Our extensive network of partners spans the region, allowing us to access a wide variety of authentic and premium-quality ingredients, from fragrant spices and aromatic herbs to rare delicacies and specialty items.

Collaborative Development

We collaborate closely with chefs, culinary experts, and food artisans across Asia to develop unique and innovative food products. From traditional recipes passed down through generations to modern interpretations and fusion creations, we harness the creativity and expertise of our partners to create exciting culinary experiences.

Innovation and Adaptability

We embrace innovation and stay ahead of culinary trends to remain at the forefront of the Asian food industry. Through research, experimentation, and creative exploration, we constantly push the boundaries of flavour and innovation to delight our customers with exciting new culinary experiences.

At Tiger Tiger UK, we are more than just a food company—we are storytellers, explorers, and ambassadors of Asian cuisine. Through our passion for discovery, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we strive to share the vibrant and diverse flavours of Asia with the world.